Molymod Organic Teacher Set (MMS-03)


Molymod Molecular Model Sets are the original dual-scale, quality system of molecular and atomic models.

Scales: Open / Ball & stick models: 2.5cm / Angstrom, Closed / semi-space filling models: 1.5cm / Angstrom

Atom-parts: range from 17 to 23mm in diameter.

Bonds: Single bonds are represented by medium links (19mm) and multiple bonds by longer, flexible links (30mm). For compact models, bonds are represented by short links (2mm).

Valence: Represented by the number of holes: 1 hole (I), 2 holes (II), 3 holes (III), 4 holes (IV), 5 holes (IV), 6 holes (VI)

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111 atoms supplied in one large box


40 Hydrogen (l), 38 Carbon (ll, lll, IV, V), 12 Oxygen (II), 4 Nitrogen (IV), 2 Sulphur (ll, IV), 4 Phosphorus(IV), 8 Halogen (l), 3 Metal (I, ll), 18 Lone pair 2D paddles (6 pink, 6 purple, 6 beige) Links: 55 Medium grey, 25 Long flexible & 60 Short