Barium Sulphate 97%


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Barium sulfate (or sulphate) is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula BaSO4. It is a white crystalline solid that is odorless and insoluble in water. It occurs as the mineral barite, which is the main commercial source of barium and materials prepared from it. The white opaque appearance and its high density are exploited in its main applications.

  • Drilling fluids
  • Pigment
  • Paper brightener
  • Plastics filler
  • Radiocontrast agent
  • Catalyst support
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Copper industry

Minimum Assay: 98.6-100.0%
Molecular Formula: BaSO4
Molecular Weight: 233.4 g/mol
Melting Point: 1580°C
Soluble Barium Compunds:, <0.005%
Chloride (Cl): <0.05%
Sulphide: Passes(S): Test
Arsenic (As): <0.0005%
Heavy Metals (as Pb): <0.001%
Loss on Ignition: <2%

Hazard Phrases: Not considered harmful under normal laboratory conditions

Cas No: 7727-43-7
Einecs No: 231-784-4


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