Ammonium Oxalate Monohydrate 99% ACS


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Also known as Diamonium Oxalate. Ammonium oxalate, C2H8N2O4 (sometimes written as (NH4)2C2O4), is an oxalate salt with ammonium (sometimes as a monohydrate). It is a colourless salt under standard conditions and is odorless and non-volatile.

  • Constituent of some type of kidney stone

Minimum Assay: <99%
Molecular Formula: (COONH4)2.HA2O
Molecular Weight: 142.11g/mol

Solubility in Water (% weight): 11.8g/100g water @ 500 C
Melting Point: 133 C

Insoluble Matter: <0.0008%
Chloride (Cl): <0.002%
Iron (Fe): <0.0002%
Heavy Metals (Pb): 0.0004%
Sulphate (SO4): 0.0016%
Residue on Ignition: <0.015%

Hazard Phrases: Harmful if swallowed. Harmful in contact with skin.

Prec Phrases: Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician.

Cas No: 6009-70-7
Einecs No: 238-135-4


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